You've taken it for granted that games will just load whatever they need to, whenever they need to, and you don't need to be involved except to be bored. Well, that time is over, because this game isn't going to load itself. You're going to have to direct the data from different sources to their correct places, otherwise this game is never going to get loaded!

(A game for the Loading Screen Jam)

Made withPhaser
TagsArcade, minigames


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so listen, i have add which makes games like this pretty hard for me, but i also have ocd which makes me want to fix shit. and this game makes me feel like if i work hard enough i can fix everything. it's really addicting and fun, awesome job.


I got to level 12 and then stopped. Needs more colors for higher levels, more panic! :D Loved this though.


This is lovely! I got really hooked on it. Great work!